What Is Wireframes? & Importance of using Wireframes

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What are wireframes?

  • Wireframes are sets of Diagram which display the functional element of websites and landing page. Wireframes are basically used for focusing on a structure of the website
  • We often say that the Wireframes are the blueprint of home. where you can decide the shape structures and many other things.
  • It is a quick way to recognize the usability problems early in your design process. if you are a user experience (UX) designer then you need to familiar with the concepts of Wireframes.
  • wireframes are creating either in paper or you can be used various type of Paid and Free tools like prototype.io or figma

Importance Of using Wireframes?

  • Wireframes Act as an interface between the client and the structure of your design.
  • Wireframes allow you to design the functionality of the pages, catch problems early, and save time on revisions later.
  • Wireframes are the great way to take feedbacks and figure out the problems earlier before you deploy your design.
  • Wireframes save time on the entire project.

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